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PTSD/Trauma, Post Partum, Relationships, Parenting, Disabilities, Body Image, LGBTQIA+,

Grief, Depression, Anxiety

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Whether you are a new parent or a parent of adult children, therapy can help you with managing the stressors of parenting and communicating in a way that builds healthy and authentic familial relationships.

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Therapy can give you the knowledge of a variety of coping strategies as well as the experience of practicing coping skills to reduce distress while also utilizing the 8 Phase Model of EMDR to address deeper trait change.

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Together we can explore your attachment history and additional areas of the past to better understand the root of the depressive symptoms and then proceed in addressing them utilizing EMDR and IFS work.

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Albeit simple or complex trauma, we can first identify what type of trauma you have experienced and then identify whether RTEP or traditional EMDR protocol is appropriate for you.  It is important to recognize that trauma encompasses many areas.

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Utilizing a blending of EFT Couples Therapy and Gottman Therapy we will identify negative interaction patterns and how to change these patterns, ways to increase the ability to repair, as well as explore future goals for you as individuals and as a couple.

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Life Transitions

We will explore what areas are in need of attention, identify realistic goals to address the distress you are experiencing and increase your ability to set healthy boundaries in a way that is authentic, firm and fair or loving.

All are welcome here.

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