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What's with the name Kia Ora and the kiwi bird?

Kia Ora Meaning

Kia Ora is the New Zealand Maori greeting which means "good health".  I spent some time traveling in New Zealand and the natives loving regard for the people and land deeply resonated with me.  Watch the video below to see the inspiration for the name of the practice and my focus in helping people thrive and serving as one of many guardians of humanity and the land around us.  I always turn to this philosophy as a guide in how I work with my clients.  

The Kiwi Bird

The kiwi bird is the bird of New Zealand and I wanted to incorporate this bird into Kia Ora Counseling.  The kiwi does not have much in terms of a means for survival but is incredibly resilient despite it's odds.  This is not to say that the species has not suffered but it is still amazing that these unusual nocturnal creatures have made it so long.  I wanted to give a nod to them and to have them serve as a reminder to all that we are incredibly resilient despite our genetics, our upbringing, and our stories thus far.  We can do the hard work of healing together and thriving by not letting our past define us. 

kia ora frame alex.jpg
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